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2014/7/2 00:27 ver.1.4

As you know, There will be many things you might be missed out because you are not specialist in other area and might be occupied your thoughts as general matter which you learned in your life and which might be due to limited environment.

In fact, Some of these matter is caused of V2K technology is in stealth and existed on you and around you already as general matter and common sense after WW2 which has been developed by CIA and so on.

These seems be called "MIND GAME" by V2K technology which will control you and around you via microwave(electromagnetic wave) which means existed in stealth. It's possible to control the Things has frequencies and Brain such humans, animals, insects, electronic devices(c'lock, PC(CPU,MPU, GPU, clock generator), smartphones, car, electronic power, others) and so on which means if something could control the Things by electronic signals, All you have to do is just putting it over microwave to send. Also, I
t's possible to control pressure of air, water, land and so on such HAARP. All the matter is in held in stealth. So, It's really difficult to find it out by yourself but if you could refer "3. how to identify" you will know.
And, You should have logical thinking and the mind, concentration and time management(priority) to protect yourself from the matter.

And, The MIND GAME is for making you a fall into deflation spiral by the 3rd forces, Religious body, colleagues or vendor such schizophrenia, accidents and so on which means is they are trying to kill you and your life. The MIND GAME composed of below elements and already existed in stealth since
 the world was confused by WW2 and implemented by CIA by degree using electromagnetic wave technology such LF, HF includes land antenna, SATs(Satellites) and by 3rd forces and so on. I can say that MIND GAME has cycle which is to plant(embedded,cult), raise and harvest their hate on you, around you and from you.

The technology is used for gang stalking known as stalking with electronic harassment(EH), employee countermeasures(ECM), technical surveillance countermeasures(TSCM) and so on. I will mention about "how gangstalking does" or check the label in below.

  • 1. About V2K technology
  • 2. Goal and Objectives
  • 3. How to identify
  • 4. GangStalking Opening History
  • 4.1 Gang Stalking second stage

It will make you understand and can imagine how you can protect yourself.

These are held remotely and in stealth via microwave you may not be able to believe them I can imagine.

The elements of Mind Game:

  • Full/Partial Control like a robot.
  • Brain wash
  • Brain tapping(Think reading) 
    • Funny things happened! They bring a car has the car number what I read the car numer from opposite side when to drive on my way cafe it's right after my lunch.
  • Torture
  • Kill and wound
  • Disturbance
  • Threat
  • Murder
  • so on.

These things below are composed with below technology. 
  • Scenario
  • Programming(Mode, Level, Threthold, Condition, so on)
  • Command
  • Data
  • Other
  • Neuro computer (Super computer has AI + fuzzy function)
  • Electromagnetic wave(UHF, EHF(mili), SHF, HLF, LF, so on)
    • Can send microcode and character to your PC, smartphones via ultrasonic wave
    • Satellite
    • TEMPST
    • LPS/IPS by DSSS 
  • Voice to Skull(V2K/V2S)
    • Neurophone, Telepathy device
  • DEW(Direct Energy Weapon)
    • Possible to hurt and cut you inside your body. 
  • USW(Ultra Sonic Weapon)
    • LRAD: Possible to send sounds by ultrasonic wave even it's very far.
    • SCREAM: Possible to give you strange emotion, feel, dizzy and so on.
  • Avatar(bluet)
    • Blue Brain Project: The holography is blue so it's called BlueTor something like it.
  • Laster tapping
  • Hidden camera
  • Indoor Positioning System(IPS)
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indoor_positioning_system
Gang stalker (Cointelpro) methodology with Scenario
  • Mobbing
  • Gas stalking
  • Anchoring
  • Collision campaign
  • Noise campaign
  • Blighting 
Phenomenon and the matter:
  • Schizophrenia
  • School harassment
  • General accidents such traffic
  • Pump and dump to investigate our mind 
    • The mouth woman legend that runs fast more than Carl Lewis.
  • Murder (Especially bizarre murder but also could be general murder)
    • Japanese automobile factory incident '2009 (The guy said I got gang stalking from colleague in a court)
    • Ibaragi continuous street killer
    • Sakakibara (Ikera elementary school)
  • Black Monday
    • VIX(index for estimating fear in the market) was implemented after Black Monday
  • Terror in 911 in the U.S.
    • V2K made Osama's hate increase and to make him something and utilized his massive hate to attack the U.S and made him kill important target according to their scenario at that time. It might be Akamai CEO or others. I really sad It happened in the U.S. and on Akamai.
  • A car run over the parking area to crash somewhere.
  • The case when the criminals was arrested and the PPI was broadcasted on the internet.
  • Loud sounds by Air force and so on
    • They seeme be controlled by electronic devices or brain by V2K.


2014/7/1 23:15 ver.1.3







  1. 遠隔操縦
    1. シナリオ、プログラム、コマンドなどに基づき人や電子デバイスなどが操縦される
  2. 遠隔洗脳
    1. ロシアンルーレット (2009年、某有名自動車会社U工場殺傷事件など)
  3. 遠隔思考盗聴
  4. 遠隔拷問
    1. ヘイトスピーチおよび話しかける声を超音波で頭部へ照射し聞かせる、画像、EEG送信
  5. 遠隔殺傷
  6. 遠隔妨害(思考、操作、操縦、ありとあらゆる貴方の生活とその人生計画)
  7. 遠隔脅迫(毒殺猫、死亡交通事故など・・・)
  8. 遠隔殺人

  • シナリオ
  • プログラム(モード、レベル、閾値、条件など)
  • コマンド
  • データ
  • その他

  • ニューロコンピュータ(スーパーコンピューター+人工知能+ファジー機能搭載)
  • マイクロ波などの電磁波(UHF, EHF, SHF, HLF, LFなどの電磁波)
    • 超音波による音声送信やPCやスマホなどへマイクロコード送信
    • 人工衛星
    • 電磁波盗聴(TEMPST)
    • スペクラム拡散投影法による外部からの室内盗撮
  • Voice to Skull(V2K/V2S)
    • ニューロフォン、テレパシー装置
  • DEW(Direct Energy Weapon)
    • 激痛、殺傷可能
  • USW(Ultra Sonic Weapon)
    • LRADで指定ポイントに音声を送信可能
    • SCREAMで異常な感覚を与える事が出来る。少なくとも、めまい、吐き気等
  • アバター(bluet等のフォログラフィのアバタ)
    • ブルーブレインプロジェクトでは通称、BlueTと言われている青い光のフォログラフィーでアバターが再現されるというBlogを以前見た。
    • ジャイロらしき物を併用し頭部神経を操縦
  • レーザー盗聴器
  • 盗撮カメラ
  • Indoor Positioning System(IPS)
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indoor_positioning_system

  • 集団ストーカー手口(ギャングストーキング、コインテルプロ)
    • モビング(仄めかし)
    • ガスストーキング
    • コリジョンキャンペーン(ノイズキャンペーン)


  • 精神分裂病(現病名:統合失調症)
  • いじめ
    • 風説の流布による心理状態の観察(口避け女伝説など)
  • 一般的な死亡交通事故等
  • マツダ自動車宇品工場殺傷事件(犯人が「集団ストーカー」という言葉を口にする)
  • 茨城連続通り魔
  • サカキバラ(池田小学校事件)
  • ブラックマンデイ
    • VIX(恐怖指数)というものがこのブラックマンデイを機に導入された
  • 同時多発テロ(911)
    • オサマ・ビンラディンのヘイトを増幅させシナリオを展開させ、裏組織が目障りと思っている者を殺害する事に利用した。被害者の一人がAkamaiの創設者かもしれない。
  • 操作ミスにより車が暴走する事件
    • 立体駐車場からの転落
  • 犯人が捕まり、何故か個人情報がさらけ出されたようなケース
  • 自衛隊飛行機が真上に飛んでくること
    • 自衛隊はV2Kで制御されている場合が散見される。それがノイズキャンペーンやストーリーシアターに用いられている。


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