Misc: Disabled has hate and greed use GANG make me upset & schizophrenia by noise around me



Disabled who is Tadashi Toyama@linkedin(Japan, ex-M insurance, Information technology) use GANG to make me upset & schizophrenia by noise around me and me by V2K even I’m at Cafe, on driving and so on. They can change the noise(Voice, Music and so on) around you and you.
  • Make me listen to the noise into my lobe
    • Telepathy device such MEDUSA
  • Make me listen by sending the noise around me via ultrasonic wave.
    • LRAD and so on
  • Make me listen to the noise such hate word and It's among human conversation even it's one word from each of them and so on.
  • Make me listen to the noise from DSP on Commercial board via microwave
    • could be sent microcode to the DSP via microwave
    • DSP is known as Digital Signal Processor.
    • Microcode is known as running the function of device as normal
  • Make me listen to the noise by EEG via microwave
    • EEG make you like you are thinking something
Also, They can control my emotions, think and so on. actually all my body function not to have hate and move to kill him like....  They can control my body even it's arms and fingers.

He was good at this style of attack... I hate to say but I can say he is stupid.

I can not work, I can not find a job, I can not make money even It's by myself.

Even this blog they use the number to anchor what a stupid mind they have! So, I have to keep on chaining this blog where the sentences enough to explain.


外山忠司(元M生命保険会社、情報システム、身体障害者)率いる暴力団が私を統合失調症に陥れ、その後24時間怒らつかせるためマイクロ波経由のノイズで思考を妨げる為に付き纏う。家だけでなく何時も行くカフェでも、どこへ行く時でも、この現象に直面している。これらは複合的に行なわれ、さらにV2K(Voice to skull)で、私の体、周り(人、動物、虫、電気製品のマイクロコード、車のMPU、エンジンの気圧)の操縦もある。周波数を持った物に対してこのテクノロジーで操作可能と考える。

  • テレパシー装置などでノイズ(声含む)を脳内にマイクロ波経由で超音波を送ってくる
    • 脳内空間音声(脳内にその居る場所の空間を再現したかの様に聞かせる事)も可能
  • LRADで音を空間にピンポイントで送信し恰もそこで話しているかの様に聞かせる
  • マイクロ波でコマーシャルボードなどに装備されているDSPというチップを利用して音階を変えてくる。
    • DSP(Digital Signal Processor)を知っている人であればこれをソフトウェアつまりマイクロコードで操作が可能である事を知っているはずだ
    • つまりDSPなどが装備されている場合は可能
  • マイクロ波経由でEEGを送り、声を聞かせたり、言葉の続きの言葉を聞かせる
    • さらに思考しているかのような錯覚に陥る。
  • 複数の人の喋りを操ってピックアップした言葉だけを聞かせる。
    • これがそれぞれからの1語でも可能
  • 周りの人のスマートフォンやその他周りの機器などからレーザー盗聴的なことを行いリアルにサンプリングしては脳内音声として送ってくる。
    • 1Fにいる人の声を私と同じフロアーにいるかのように空間音声を聞かる

Power Harassment: A Gang in common company got Star Awards and his complaint



Information Technology staff Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan) in initial M insurance company was proud of himself that he got Star Awards from his company. That's good. But, The problem is that He complain I did not want to have it from my company and got small money for the praise. 

How come he could get it as follows;

  • has Wheelchair (Actually caused of V2K)
  • has been sacrificed many colleague 
  • Many colleague left and join frequently.
  • Only a man who is incharge of it due to above mentioned



He was not trying to analyze himself to promote but he always abuse colleague even it's not related to his matter and no enough experience and knowledge in the area.

If I compare him in Star Wars.  He is like General Grievous but not General. 

Actually, I hate to hear that he mentioned about complaint of Star Awards. and I'm not interested in such praise. Because, I'm not focus on getting praise and I just want to bring efficiency and effectiveness to their business growth by IT and to comply 
IT strategy and corporate strategy. So, I was different mind from what he think about IT for a Company. Actually he is focus only on procurement not IT and not from corporate strategy and IT strategy view point. It's pretty much Host computing age is only for dealing with vendor to work. He won't be able to analyze himself that it won't bring true success.

He brought himself is just cost reduction /w vender is only for initial cost. It's conflicted and cost in operation and in scalability to enhance the system. and he just could use vendor without any knowledge about Information Technology, no enough experience and no market trends information. just follow vendor's talk to connect with them. His focus always insisted of something to make himself advance. It's pretty much Japanese style not for foreign company resource. 

Usually, I learn from coworker that I should be for the office, department, colleague and so on. But, Nothing I could learn from him and felt too much hate, greed and fear from him.
He is not logical thinking and the mind, too much time consuming and inefficient in any point. 

How do you think? 

Lastly, I really would like to tell you the insurance company is nice actually if he is not there, I was happy. Now, He has gone which means they must be happy in their mind somewhere but some resistance has greed existed please be careful. V2K will control you in stealth you can not find it out easily. They use TEMPEST, Gangstalking(Intruding and login PC) also

Please take a look other "4.1 Power Harassment" tag and "1. About V2K" also you might know what happened on you and around you.



外山忠司(Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan)は、「会社からスターアワーズを貰った」と話す。そして「本当は貰いたくなかった、嫌だったけど貰った、賞金はとても小額でびっくりした」などと自慢するかの様に言っていた。さらに「スターアワーズを貰ったけど出世できない」とぼやいていた。

  • 身体障害者であること
  • 周りを犠牲にした(同僚を利用し、踏み台にした)
  • その為人の入れ代わりが激しくだれも手を付けられなかった。
  • 長期に渡り基盤?に従属していたため、彼のエリアの手短な運用ポイントの改善(その他システム連携や運用、ITセキュリティなどは無視)







なお、V2Kテクノロジーで脳活動を現在阻害しているため文章をうまく書けておりません。V2Kはさまざまなことを起こします。これと合わせ「4.1 Power Harassment」 と「1. V2Kとは」をぜひご一読ください。あなたと貴方の周りに真実が見えてきます。