Hey! Gang Stalker, 集団ストーカー組織へ


Hey! You don't know me! You are murder of my life!

Gang Stalker with V2K make anyone conflicts, hates, greed and so on! They made street killers several times such Mazda automobile Ushina factory 2009, Ibaragi street killer at a station, Sakakibara at Ikeda elementary school, other street killer and so on.

If you want me to forgive what you did, you should do this in below.
  • Pay me 2.5 billion yen at least
  • Pay my life back
  • Demand an apology with NICODO broadcast
  • Go Haiti  to help them
  • Get in a mental hospital and take antipsychotic drug for 10 years at least.
    • This is the one of your purpose to kill my brain, neuron, body and life by antipsychotic drug which lose your body function all of them. you can not control your body by yourself. You can not do anything. You can not release your frustration which I don't have it.
Or,  Suicide! (You brought red signal ignored car 6 times a month to kill me by V2K, asked me to suicide several times into my lobe by V2K, bankrupted my life, body and neurons by antipsychotic drug by cointelpro known as gang stalking ) 

Criminals are Link

I assume it must be related Y base. <very smell like human feces

人間の人生を嘗めた組織および人殺組織へ <このように殺人と普通思考し入力するところを見事に入れ替えてきます。これがV2Kです。私がわざとしているのではありません。

  • 25億円払え!
  • 人生返せ!誰も不幸にせず!
  • 土下座しろ
  • ハイチへ行って復興して来い!
  • 精神病院10年間入り、抗精神病薬を服用しろ
    • お前達の目的の一つである、抗精神病薬で脳神経身体機能を破壊されて来い!



これにはY基地が絡んでいる可能性がとても高いです。<93〜 (集スト風)


V2K/Microwave attack - V2K makes murder around you and you


When you visit crowded place, There are much noise around you and you will be attacked ultrasonic wave and EEG by V2K to listen the noise and voice like "Hate speech" and make you losing your temper to be MURDER or something. Please calm down when you are in such a case. They are trying  to KILL YOUR LIFE! Also, They can control all of your function even it's subliminals. If you lose your temper you will be like Mazda factory incident, Ibaraki insane killer at the station. these seems be caused of controlled by V2K.

They can control anything on you and around you and change sound frequencies into your lobe of what you hear from around you.
And also, They can change the frequencies of the sounds from DSP by microwave and the microcode.

These caused of as follows;
  • Mazda factory incident
  • Ibaraki insane killer at station
  • Sakakibara at Ikera elementary school
  • Harassment when you are young and so on.
  • Black Monday

Sometimes, Criminals said I could hear the voice of the God. It's cause of Voice to sKull(V2K/V2S).

It's not fate, It's written by somebody to happen something there which means there will be SCENARIO(Purpose), PROGRAMMING(Level), COMMAND(Threshold, manual) and so on. These are controlled by super computer and AI(neuro computer).




1. 通り魔殺人事件
2. マツダ自動車宇品工場の集スト殺傷事件
3. 茨城の連続通り魔殺人事件
4. サカキバラ
5. いじめ



V2K/Microwave attack - V2K is conquest on you in stealth.

おそらく、全ての人が電磁波経由によるVoice To Skull(V2K)の配下にあるのではないだろうか? きっとみんな支配されていると思う。ステルスによるカースト制度的になっているのではないだろうか? 

  • 私は小さい時にやたらとよくこけていた。なんでこけるの?と怒られていた。
  • 口を大きく空けると耳がキーンといっていた
    • 口を大きく開ける動作がはやった時にキーンと言うのに気づき気になりだした。耳鼻科の先生はこれは普通だと言っていたが、耳鼻科の先生は一般的に発生している事象の為人間の正常な機能だと思ってしまった。つまり医学は多数決のような状態でまだ根拠に乏しい分野があり、結論には至っていない。
  • 目をぱちくりすると血走るかのように光が目に走っていた
    • これでよく遊んだ